How to take advantage of all they have to offer

Kid doing homework
Kid doing homework
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From “they should be paying for that time” to “they want a full app done in two days”, I have heard many reasons why take-home assignments suck, but rarely I hear why they are an awesome tool (especially when done right), not only to find the perfect job but also to become a better developer in the process.

In the past two years, I have done a lot of interviews. I would even say that I have grown to appreciate them. Why? Because I have come to the conclusion that they are an amazing tool to grow as a developer/engineer…

What I learned after more than 250 job applications

Birthday cake with candle in the form of the number one
Birthday cake with candle in the form of the number one
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I was 33 years old when I decided to change my life and become a developer. By then I had worked in movies, music, events, retail …

For the last 8 years though I considered myself first and foremost a DJ. Yes, I was a professional DJ, I had a spot in my hometown where I played regularly and I also traveled to play gigs in other cities (wherever they would pay me).
Granted this was not my only source of income, in fact, it was not even my main one. I was also a music producer/composer who wrote library music…

Songs that will uplift you while maintaining your concentration.

Woman in front of red neon lights in the shape of instruments
Woman in front of red neon lights in the shape of instruments
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There is a concept in Hollywood called Mickey-Mousing. This means explicitly telling the audience what to feel in each scene of a movie through the use of music. Granted this is used as a derogatory term on big-budget productions that overuse music, but what if we could Mickey-Mouse our own jobs, not to become more concentrated or to cut us off from the rest of the office but to makes us feel more excited about what we are doing.

What if through the use of certain music we could become the heroes of our own movie, our own life.


In recent years, Feature Flags have become an indispensable part of a lot of companies, but what are they?

Good looking Asian man thinking
Good looking Asian man thinking
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Feature Flags go by many names — Feature Toggles, Feature Switches, etc. But regardless of the name, they all refer to the same development technique.
This development technique essentially allows you to turn features on and off at the run time, without changing the code, just by turning on and off a switch on a third-party provider (you can of course implement your own Feature Flag Service)

How to maintain data consistency while making your queries blazing fast

Using Mongoose provides many advantages when interacting with MongoDB in Node.js. Typecasting, validation, query building, business logic hooks, defaults are all musts when it comes to building, modeling, and storing your application’s data. Mongoose provides all of this out of the box without writing too much boilerplate code or using multiple libraries.

Mongoose does this by adding a lot of magic to each result document of a query by hydrating those documents. This hydration transforms a plain old JavaScript object (POJOs) into a wonderful and magical Mongoose Document. …

Basic git commands and flows you should know when joining a company.

Yes! You finally got the job. You passed all the technical interviews, displayed amazing soft skills, completed one hell of a technical test, and negotiated your salary like an FBI agent in the middle of a hostage situation.

You stare at the computer, maybe it’s your first day, your third, 8th. The time has come, you have been assigned a ticket.

You are ready for this, but as soon as you open the terminal doubts start creeping in. Hey, it’s your old friend imposter syndrome (you thought you got rid of him). …

Carlos Trujillo

I love coding, music, films, video games, writing. Once upon a time I was a DJ who coded, now I’m a coder who DJs

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